Convert More Leads to Customers

Close the gap between marketing and sales.
Intelligently reach out to your leads and generate sales opportunities faster.

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Hundreds of companies use SquadIQ to run and
scale their businesses.

Generate More Sales, Faster


Upto 40% Increase
in ROI


2x – 5x Funnel


48 hours setup time (from
sign up to go live)

Converting leads into customers is hard.
We make it easier for you.

Smart Lead Qualification
For Your Business

We reach out to your leads intelligently using multiple channels and qualify them on your behalf


Multi-channel outreach

Calls, Emails, IVRs,
and SMS


Respond In Seconds

Lightning fast follow-ups 
for higher conversions


Maximize Connectivity

The right schedule of follow-ups to
optimally engage your leads


24/7 Follow-up

We reach out around the clock,
no matter the day or time

Custom Cadences

Outreach designed specifically
for each lead source + persona


Easy CRM Integrations

Your CRM is always up to date with latest campaign data

SquadIQ Is Your Personalized Sales Solution

Our network of distributed callers qualify your leads . From sales to fulfilment, we optimize for every stage of your sales funnel


Skilled Distributed Workforce

We hire only the best talent with the relevant industry’s calling experience


Top Converting Scripts

Our callers convert more leads
using SquadIQ’s guided selling app


Talk To Interested Prospects

We’ll send you appointments, sign-ups to help you drive conversions 


CRM + Calendar Synced

We integrate with your tools
so you’ll never miss an update


Call Recordings + Notes

Get recordings and notes from
every call synced to your CRM


Vernacular Matching

Our callers are multilingual and are matched based on the lead’s persona.

We Maximize
Your Conversions with A.I.

Our team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and analysts constantly examine every piece of your campaign data to give you insights.


Cadence Optimization

We leverage A.I. to discover the best outreach channels, templates, and timing to take your conversions to the next level


Omnichannel Outreach

We reach out to your leads via Voice, SMSs, Email and IVR to offer superior interaction and higher lead engagement at every stage


Lead Scoring 2.0

We score and prioritize your leads based on 40+ data signals and behavioral interactions


Reporting Reimagined

We share rich data insights about your leads and update campaign stats and results into your CRM 

Transform Your Outreach,
Supercharge Your Sales.

About SquadIQ

Humans + Technology Combined to Achieve Super Fast Sales and Fulfilment

SquadIQ (previously SquadVoice) is a ‘Future of Work‘ software company that combines a distributed workforce and machine learning in one powerful platform to help you scale your business with better conversions, speed, accuracy, flexibility, and quality.

Our mission is to re-imagine how work gets done with a combination of humans (HI) and technology (AI), and generate opportunities for growth and success for our customers and contractors.

"The tech platform of choice for sales and fulfilment teams"

"Helping consumer companies solve the challenge of turning prospects into customers"

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What Customers Are Saying

How ZestMoney Drives ROI from Dropped Leads with SquadIQ

“SquadIQ is a very talented team who understand your requirement and is not like a typical BPO. They are not driven by KPIs or targets and understand bringing back meaning to your work”

Mehak Mahajan

AVP Customer Operations, ZestMoney

“We would like to take a moment and thank you SquadIQ for their continued support and expert assistance. They have immensely helped us in reducing our turnaround time in reaching out to our leads, which has ultimately, led to a better lead qualification for Delhivery. This along with their high focus on customer service and easy to access data insights through customer dashboards have really helped us streamline and optimise our entire sales process. Again thank you so much team and we look forward to a continued partnership with them"
Anand Biswas
Director - SME Business
“It has been a pleasure to work with the Squad team. For me it was an incredible journey because we were actually building out D2C use cases as we went along. The team was accommodating, understanding and as committed as we were to solving new problems. With our joint experience, I can safely say this team has now built strong use cases for various D2C Retention problems including Feedback, Repeat, NDR, Missed Calls etc.”
Arjun Vaidya
Founder & CEO

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