Introducing Our New Identity

Here’s what’s changing
and what’s staying the same

We’re glad you’re here! 

Since our inception, we’ve spent the last few years focused solely on building products that help our customers solve problems and create opportunities for growth. 

As we usher in the next phase of our journey, we’re investing in building a stronger, more coherent and elevated brand identity – something that celebrates our past and also reflects our vision for the future.

SquadVoice is now SquadIQ – scroll over to see how we’re doing it.

Meet SquadIQ

Through a new identity, we are excited to introduce you to our new way of looking at the world and disrupting it with people, products and passion. A visual overhaul is the first step towards embracing the change and gearing up for our journey ahead.

The new identity strikes a balance between the past and the future.
We are staying true to our core value of continuous improvement and communicating our commitment to help our customers and distributed workforce grow better.

From the Past to the Future

SquadVoice was the first step in our journey of building a platform that brings together the best of humans (HI) and technology (AI) to drive radical efficiencies.

SquadIQ takes this one step forward.

From here on, we are poised to enable our customers to drive super-fast sales and fulfilment, and enable our distributed workforce to generate equal opportunities to learn and earn through our future-of-work platform.

Faster. Smarter. Better.

We are on a mission to be grow faster, build smarter and be better. We start now.

Join Us On Our Mission To Reimagine How Work Gets Done