How SquadVoice(now SquadIQ) is managing the crisis and helping its customers and partners find their feet

While planning for an uncertain future can be difficult, preparing for it shouldn’t be. Here are some steps we’re taking to enable our employees, customers and partners to embrace the future with clarity and confidence.

Our Response to the COVID-19 crisis

The last few months have been tough for both people and businesses around the globe, especially since this has been a black swan event with no rulebook on how to sail through the storm.

At SquadVoice (now SquadIQ), we have responded to the COVID-19 crisis proactively,  keeping in mind  that both our employees and customers receive our best support. 

Here are the key crisis response steps and initiatives we’ve taken so far, both in the internal and external domains:

Lending a helping hand

Given our remote-first culture and distributed working model, the “sudden” transition has been smoother for our employees and customers alike.

Since the lockdown, our focus has been on sharing what we’ve learned about building teams and scaling across two timezones over the years, with the community.

Our CEO Apurv Agarwal is directly leading this initiative and proactively reaching out to founders and entrepreneurs in his network, sharing his knowledge and insights on managing and motivating remote teams, while continuing to build and serve. 

Communication is the key during a crisis, especially when both businesses and their customers are uncertain about the new normal. Transitioning to a remote working environment isn’t easy, and a lot of companies have been facing the daunting task of managing continuity while ensuring employee safety since the lockdown started. 

Over the years, SquadVoice (now SquadIQ) has been helping businesses manage their outreach communication with greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

We have opened our tech platform and 5000+ distributed workforce to small and medium scale companies, early-stage startups and traditional legacy businesses. 

To support these businesses, we have decided to reduce the entry barrier – by heavily discounting our core offerings and entirely waiving off the platform fee to ensure cost doesn’t become a blocker for companies who want to communicate with their stakeholders during these disruptive times.

Staying on our feet to help others find theirs

The crisis has quickly shifted focus from the non-essential to the essential – and especially to industries like healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, etc. this transition has led to massive demand and rapid influx of orders from across the country. Ensuring business continuity in a crisis has emerged as a common problem for such industries – and we have stepped up to help our customers solve this with full force and urgency. 

To help our customers and partners meet unprecedented expectations, we have ensured round-the-clock operations while solving new use-cases customized to meet the needs of the ongoing crisis. We continue to support critical businesses and help keep them running on their feet. 

Our distributed workforce and tech platform are even more essential in times like these, and with their support, companies like Tata Cliq, Practo, Zestmoney and Dr. Vaidya’s are able to maintain and scale their outbound communication seamlessly. 

SquadVoice (now SquadIQ) has been able to adhere to their expectations by providing unprecedented turnaround time and 100% SLAs seven days a week. Our teams continue to stay quick on their feet and work in tandem with our customers efficiently, despite the ongoing crisis.

Making our voices matter

Collectively, we’ve learned a lot in the last two months or so – and what’s a better way to care than to share our learnings and experiences with those around us. Although we’re separated socially from each other, it doesn’t mean we cannot make a positive difference in the lives of people around us. 

The team at SquadVoice (now SquadIQ) believes in the power of sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings. The team has been proactive in starting new initiatives for promoting mental health and wellness, especially when anxiety, uncertainty and stress are part of our new normal. 

By bringing people from different teams together virtually, we’ve arranged healthy discussions around mental health and also shared opportunities for mental health seminars and online consultations for those in need of emotional support. 

Further, we’ve been fortunate to be able to contribute towards a great cause of providing care and assistance to distressed migrant workers in our country. We’re all going through a tough time right now, but fortunately, for most of us, we’re still within the safe and comfortable walls of our home. The same cannot be said for workers who rely on daily wages to feed themselves and their families. 

SquadVoice (now SquadIQ) volunteered for the ‘Assam Cares’ initiative led by the government of Assam and connected directly with hundreds of daily wage laborers to listen to their problems, reassure and empathize with them, and ultimately, determine their eligibility for receiving immediate financial aid from the government. 

This has been a humbling experience for all of us at SquadVoice (now SquadIQ), and we look forward to more such initiatives in our journey ahead.

Building For The Future

The future of work as we know is going to be completely different – or to say it objectively, it is not going to be the same as the ‘old normal’. In times of crisis, it’s often difficult to prioritize building new products, but if history teaches us anything, a crisis is a great time to restructure your thinking and refocus on your strategy and vision. 

We decided to make use of this time to build lasting solutions for what we think is going to be the future of work – distributed workforces, lean operations, location-agnostic teams, deeply integrated technology and a strong focus on productivity. Simply put, remote work is the way to go for every industry and niche, sooner or later. 

To enable our vision for the future, we’ve already started working on building a remote telephony app for inside sales, support and fulfillment teams.

The questions we get asked are – Why build a remote sales app next OR why even build anything new at all right now?”

We explored  existing solutions in the market and thought deeply about the gaps that we believe exist. Ultimately, we realized we can fill the gaps in better ways to build a more robust and future-ready solution.  

Our approach to this is multi-faceted. First, we want to enable productivity for remote teams and on-field agents – think about your best agent and your best practices, and the ability to suddenly multiply the same output seamlessly across your entire workforce! Second, we want to harness the power of deep data and real time insights to help companies drive better conversations, and therefore, conversions. All of this is being made possible through our app, without worrying about scale or security. 

Our app is currently being beta tested by a few customers, and we’ve received valuable feedback in the right direction. We’re excited to continue building a long-term solution that meets the emerging demands of companies of varying scale and sizes across the country.

Summing It Up

At SquadVoice (now SquadIQ), we have a core belief that it’s always people over products, processes and profits.

We believe if enough people can be aligned to a shared goal and a common vision, no problem or challenge is too difficult to solve and conquer. 

In startup folklore, throwing people at a problem is often considered as a firefighting strategy that doesn’t work. Honestly, we’re okay to admit that we’ve been throwing talented and ambitious people to solve complex problems, especially during the ongoing crisis – and we’re happy to report that so far, the impact created has been positive, amazing and uplifting. 

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented and unsettling experience for all of us – so far, it’s difficult to look at the bright side of things, but if there’s anything for certain, it is this – this too shall pass

Here’s to a better, brighter, and safer future for everyone.