Meet the Team: In Conversation with Richa Mathur

Reflecting back on the journey from a part timer to a leader

Working at SquadStack is an opportunity of a lifetime. Ask anyone from the team and they’d gladly agree. 

So does Richa Mathur, who first joined as a part-time contractor, and has now become an indispensable part of the supply growth, operations and quality functions for SquadIQ. 

From starting early with her own venture to quitting everything to focus on being a great mother to her newborn, Richa has seen and braved a lot in her career journey. 

Richa’s story is inspiring, not only for the thousands of remote workers that make up SquadIQ’s distributed workforce but also for her team members who’ve seen her transform and evolve over the years. 

From a part-time caller to a full-time team leader, Richa Mathur has come a long way in a four year long journey.

Here’s her story, summed up in her own words. 

How did you join SquadStack?

I’ve always loved challenges, and I continuously want to keep pushing myself to do better. 

For me, money is not the most important thing, but doing something meaningful has always been a personal and professional priority. 

After an early entrepreneurial attempt, I had to put everything behind me and focus on being a mother. My baby was born with some complications, and I remember going through a phase where I had to put my dreams behind to raise her and give her the time, attention and care she needed. 

Soon enough, I got to know about Squadrun (the mobile app where anyone with a smartphone and decent skills could perform tasks and earn money), and I joined the platform as a part-timer. 

One day a colleague called me up and asked, “You can easily stretch yourself and complete more missions. Why are you not doing enough when you are qualified?” 

That gave me a much required push.

I focused all my energy on understanding the platform better, completing more missions, and ask an awful lot of questions!

Early Days

Initially, the work was less and there were not enough missions. I still remember constantly refreshing the Squadrun app to find new missions to complete. 

Working hard came naturally to me, I remember planning my day in advance. 

Soon enough, I got bored of doing this and wanted to do something more. I used to reach out to Akash multiple times a day with queries about the platform and all that. 

I still don’t know what they saw in me – maybe it was my curiosity to learn, or my persistence to get things done, or both.

Over time, Akash Kumar, who is my mentor and lead at SquadIQ, gave me the wonderful opportunity to join the team. 

It was one of the best moments of my life – I could finally see things working out in my professional life and was excited to contribute more. 

I had arrived. And it was my time to make an impact. 

Learning Lessons

The most important lesson I’ve learned is how to take ownership of your work and drive ideas into execution. It wasn’t an easy lesson, but an critical one in my professional journey. 

Being a part of an open culture that puts emphasis on improving continuously, I realized the importance of educating oneself and looking at upskilling as an opportunity, not a chore. 

Another important personal lesson I’ve learned is how to put yourself in front of people. I had confidence but wasn’t a people’s person earlier, but constantly sharing ideas, hosting sessions and leading presentations has helped me open up and become better at it.  

My point is – you can learn anything if you put your mind to it. 

Especially, if you have to work across functions. At SquadStack, there’s nobody to stop you and say that ‘no no this is not your role’ or something. This is the thing I love most about my job. 

You can learn anything, you should just be willing to learn. The sky’s the limit! 

Meeting Mentors

I was hired, onboarded and trained by Akash Kumar, who leads SquadIQ and the team.

In fact, I won’t hesitate to say that it is his constant guidance and everlasting support which motivates me to do better, and do it the best way possible. I have seen Akash excelling in whatever he does, and he has taught me the same way, from scratch.

Akash has been both prompt and patient in dealing with me. As a mentor, he took me under his wing and shared his tips, tricks, knowledge and insights with me. I still remember how I used to take follow-ups from him, He’s the best mentor one can have.

Despite me barging in with dozens of questions and doubts, I’ve always been heard and answered, which honestly, is really amazing!

Between being a part time caller to a full-time part of the ship, our bond has grown and become even stronger. I’m lucky to have a friend, philosopher and a guide in him.

Managing Work/Life

As a mother and a homemaker, it’s not easy managing things. But it’s not something that’s exclusive to me, I’ve seen countless mothers doing it, earning, learning and sustaining their livelihoods through the Squadrun platform. 

Seeing our workforce grow over the years, and geting to know inspiring stories of housewives and mothers with a will to make a difference pushes me to do better. 

Today we see companies adapting to remote first and WFH policies, but one thing that stood out to me about SquadStack was the complete flexibility to work from home since Day 1.

Thanks to my wonderful team members who understand and empathize with you at every step. The last four years couldn’t be more smooth and fulfilling! 

Living and working out of Bangalore was not seen as a barrier, instead this company gave me the opportunity and platform to contribute. 

We literally were the flagbearers of hybrid workplaces before it was mainstream!

Would you recommend SquadStack as a place to work?

I can literally give you a dozen reasons! 

The freedom to work, ownership to do anything, help from peers, ability to share ideas – these are all good reasons. 

But the thing that makes SquadStack a great place to work is – the culture. It shapes you. 

When you see other people working so hard, you’re motivated to do it yourself. 

It doesn’t pull you down, it pushes you to work harder, it literally pushes you further and you strive to do more and more. 

The appreciation I get from our workforce, the support and trust that is bestowed upon me by my team – it is really the greatest feeling in the world. 

Quite frankly, I am really fortunate to be a part of the Squad fam! 

What advice would you give?

Whether you’re a homemaker or a college fresher, my only advice to you is – upskill. 

Focus on learning new things. What school or college teaches you is great, but one must be open to exploring new skills.

Whenever you get an opportunity to learn – go all in and give it your everything. 

Also, I feel it’s important for everyone to take care of themselves. It is important to work, but it’s even more important to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. 

You can only give what you have. So go out there, learn, grow, have fun and do something that makes a difference.

If you care about having a mission that’s bigger than a paycheck, come join the Squad! 

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